Enter into the world of future

eCRM� is our own in-house developed tool for managing BOTH customer relations and the development process. The ordinary systems (Rational, MS Project, Macromedia Sitespring, phpColab, dotproject, etc.) are not adequate to meet our need to efficiently perform complex care with all our remote development projects. The eCRM� system was designed exactly for remote development and outsourcing. It is a joint working environment for customers and for developers, as well as all other people associated with the project.

Here is what eCRM has to offer:

Centralized storage of all information regarding the project resides in one place, where it is systematized and can be easily seen or found. This allows us to smoothly operate the project, to supervise its execution through the exchange of information and to create or change software requirements.

Custom Reporting
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Total report on execution progress of the project
  • Based on a specific interval of time

You can look through the list of debatable messages and answer any of the questions requiring your confirmation.

E-mail Notifications

You will receive an e-mail notice regarding changes in the project and approach of various events as well as all reports regarding the process of realization of the project. Here are some of the e-mails you will receive during the course of your project:

  • Daily reports
  • Answers to your questions
  • Requirements definitions
  • Propositions
  • Inquiries for your confirmation
Interactive Task Lists

A convenient and clear representation of tasks as a tree. You will have an opportunity to see all tasks, to learn their process of execution, when they will be executed and how long it will take to execute these tasks. You can also analyze the whole process of execution of the project or its separate stages.

Online Discussions

The online discussion allows you the opportunity to conveniently communicate with us without having to waste time sending letters. All discussions will be systematized and easy for you to see and find. As soon as we answer you, an e-mail notice will be sent, and you will have an opportunity to see it at once.

Web-Based Approval

You can confirm or discuss any of our ideas, suggestions and further actions online. Before going any further, we'll be sure that you agree to them. Multi-level approving (by Customer, by Project Manager, by Developer, by Supervisor) allows us to perform the development with minimal risk to loss of time by doing the wrong things.

Deliver Files of any Type

You can attach files to any of the messages regardless of the file type.

Advanced Search Engine

Advanced search helps to find the necessary information quickly over whole project information.

*Note: If we will be working as a part of your other team (task outsourcing), or for any other reasons, we are ready to use your preferable Project Management system. You will still receive the highest level of customer service and attention to detail.

Coupled with our Working Model principles, the eCRM� tool provides us with the time-proven step-by-step development process, which allows us to perform effective and reliable development.