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The process of surving customers can look - both to you and your customers as though it is done by your own employees.

eSupport is a scalable offering that allows you to decrease the cost of your long-term projects by outsourcing support. This range of service offerings distinguishes our company from many competitors and enables 4eSolution to support your long-term projects.

  1. Product Support & New Developments
  2. Unix Servers Administration & Monitoring (24/7/365)
  3. Emergency Help & Business Critical Applications Monitoring (24/7/365)
  4. Lifecycle Support
  5. Live E-Marketing
  6. Customer Support & Consulting
  7. End-User Support
  8. VirtualEmployee Service

Any serious project requires ongoing support. However, to have one's own team in order to support a product is expensive. Outsourcing can solve this problem. We offer two levels of outsource support:

  1. This is a typical situation with small or start-up projects. In this case, you always can rely on the support of our experts for any structure at any time, convenient for you (during our operation time) on the basis of hourly payment. You do not need to pay for idle time, as in case of the onsite expert. You pay only for the completed work. Request Now!
  2. Many times, a full-time support expert is needed for a project; however, due to budgets or cost cuts, this is not feasible. This situation typically arises in a medium or large project. For example, it takes at least 3-4 men for 24-hours watch and for 24/7/365 hotline customer support. It is the same for Product Support - The team is necessary. In this case, it would be reasonable to place the team offsite. Request Now! No contract required.

In both levels of service, detailed hourly reports on all the work will be provided.

Here are some of the ways we can help support your project...
  • Bugs fixing and Patches Development
  • Add Functionality (Upgrades)
  • Integration with new Third-Party Systems
  • New Skins
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The constant support of a product is necessary for its popularity among the end users. Our team of programmers can trace the claimes on bugs, find them and let out patches. All works are conducted without participation of the customer. We take care of your product ourselves. We also can conduct our work in a functionality estimation of the product, carry on comparative analysis with products of the competitors and do the offers on improvement of the product.
  • Remote Servers Administration (more info)
  • Emergency Help Service (24/7/365)
  • Server Availability Monitoring (24/7/365)
  • Services Availability Monitoring (24/7/365)
  • Performance Monitoring and Management
  • Statistics
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This service is for online projects with a small budget. It is unique service for remote maintenance of your server. We provide these services for a flat price.
  • Your project experts (2-4) available
  • Emergency Help Service (24/7/365)
  • Performance Accuracy Tests (24/7/365)
  • Server Availability Monitoring (24/7/365)
  • Services Availability Monitoring (24/7/365)
  • Software Intergrity Monitoring (24/7/365)
  • Performance Monitoring and Management
  • Fix customer's content management errors
  • Emergency data recovery
  • Unix Servers Administration included
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This service is for high-traffic online projects with a small or medium budget. Many hosting companies give services in 24/7/365 server monitoring ("managed hosting"). However, there is no company watching your software, availability and server loading. There is no firm that can urgently correct a mistake that arises in a database or in a disk as a result of failure. There is no hosting company that can watch the internal safety of your system, the integrity of your data, etc. It is unique service for maintenance of your online projects. Developers who are guru in your software always available for support request. "In-office round-the-clock team" is 100% availability guarantee. "Call by pager" service is 99% availability guaranty. Emergency Help Software will automatically inform developers responsible for your project in order to solve problem ASAP. It is cost-effecitve alternamtive of round-of-clock team.
  • Process Orders
  • Keep Database up-to-date
  • Content Management
  • Data entry
  • Data processing/mining
  • Search information and Data Entry
  • Email corresponding
  • Email address collection
  • Junk Email filtration and processing
  • Image processing (more info)
  • Internet surveys/research
  • Other work by your request
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Typically offshore projects need daily project maintenance to ensure smooth running of the project.
  • Reciprocal links
  • Classified Advertising
  • Industry Directories
  • Competition Watch
  • Media Services
  • Net Release
  • Monthly Traffic Analysis Reports
  • Manual submit in SE
  • Measurable Results
  • Doorway Pages
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We can accomplish a web marketing functions for you or for your customers. Web marketing require a permanent montly efforts. It is means a lof of men-hours. We have an opportunity for your to decrease e-marketing costs by outsourcing. More info
  • Consultations
  • Technical Support
  • Product Improvements Suggestions
  • etc.
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Our experts will always help you in a difficult situation: database problems, server or software adjustment, program mistakes or failures, etc. This service includes only consultations. A money deposit is required. If you need services in development, please read about our VirtualEmployee service.
  • Email Support
  • Online 24/7/365 Support (Internet Chat, Instant Messangers: ICQ, MSN, AOL)
  • Hotline Phone Support
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The support of the users is one of the most time-consuming measures and it requires large expenses. We can give you remote operators. During the period of our personnel's training regarding the software peculiarities in your country.
  • for any development/support purposes
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You need experts with various skills permanently, but it isn't profitable to hire the whole team. If you are on a limited budget and constantly need experts with various skills (programmer, database engineer, system administrator, web designer, artist, etc.), you should consider this service. We can provide a complete team for the price of one developer! It is perfect for Web site support or for a Consulting or small development company looking to outsource some development tasks.