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eTeamô is a unique service giving our customers an opportunity to reduce expenses for development and support of their projects by attracting the remote development team, working under the control of professional managers. This service is a perfect opportunity to have a large team of developers without creating a real firm in America or in any other zone with low cost of development. You get reliability and low price. Thus, all spectrum of problems attendant to maintenance of work conditions for a team is insured by our firm.

This service cannot be given immediately and needs previous inquiry: 1-8 weeks, depending on your requirements and size of a required team. We can always quickly find within our team developers with suitable skills for small (1-2 developers) or medium (3-6 developers) project. But it takes time to release them from other projects.

Also, we can always select developers with the required skills and experience necessary for a large or specific project. You'll get a summary of each team member and will have an opportunity for real-time testing. During the work process, you have the right to demand replacement of any employee. All kinds of work in order to search for suitable employees in a territory of our country are free-of-charge.

You can use a team during any term that is necessary to you. Then you can refuse all team assistance or reduce it up to the amount that is necessary to support a product.

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